wdd 2014


World Domain Day 2014 which was held in Hyderabad was an amazing event which enabled me to network with top domains guys and made some good connections. There were many top class speakers at the event, many of whom shared some of their expert knowledge on how to grab certain domains and get good at domain brokering, in a way everyone was blowing their own trumpet, you have to choose a way on which you would go.


One of the first video conference at the event was with Mike Mann, he is number one at what he does, he sold more than 40,000 domains as an individual and thats a great achievement. He talked about his ventures, domains, charity work and little about his motivation to start a political party in USA. He mainly talked about the benefits of getting a .com domain as it is considered as King among TLD’s.


Sedo guys also gave a talk about their marketplace, I met Dildeep Singh from Sedo to talk about listing our domains in Sedo and got to know some stuff about Sedo. Dildeep was accompanied by another colleague who is Patrycja Krol, they both gave an interesting presentation at world domain day.

sedo guys

I also enjoyed the presentation of Jeffrey Sass who is CMO of .club domains. I wanted to meet him after the event unfortunately many of the speakers had a tight schedule and were visiting different cities and had meetings with vendors.


jeff sass


Arto Isokoski presented his case about a getting Chinese domains and making profits, Getting a chinese domain for me is confusing but many may find it profitable if they can get around or have knowledge about Mandarin/Cantonese.

chinese domain guys


There was also an interesting session about the legal aspects of acquiring domains and how to protect them by a cyber law attorney, it was an eye opener.


Sai pola also gave a short but very interesting presentation, he owns duckeggs.com and sold eggs worth more than One million dollars, who could have thought someone could sell eggs like its christmas cakes, He is a great guy and would love to meet and hear him again.


There was something interesting thing which I saw in the event, one of the organisers of the event while finishing his wonderful presentation told that one of the speakers Mahender Rao(founder of domainpros.com) has invested million dollars recently and will be interested to fund more projects.


There was a break and Mahender Rao was surrounded by a ton of people, Earlier no one knew about him and now that he is got pocket full of cash, everyone got interested…. he he……


That’s my two cents


The event organising was very good and I had a great time going to WDD 2014.

You can see that in My pic Below


me at WDD


This is what happens after lunch.. I caught a press guy taking a power nap


press power nap