If you haven’t been active in the internet marketing arena then you will not know that since year 2014 the market has been flooded with tons of video marketing products, some of them are amazing and some dull.

If you want to become really good at video creation and video marketing then you have come to the right place.

What we will learn in this blog post 

How to create amazing videos using simple and easy softwares

How to market, distribute and become a great video marketer

Lets begin with

Video Creation

It was almost very difficult to create videos in the early years of Internet boom and the videos were dull and non-HD without much entertainment value in it, you had to have a Hollywood connection for Professional video making.

Gone are those days. 

HD Video creation is as easy as 1,2,3

Before the market was flooded with video marketing products, we had some professional video suite and a very popular video suite was Adobe – Professional and tough to crack, many of the professional still use it and it has a learning curve. 

Now that we have simple video software options, we don’t need to buy expensive video softwares

Why do we need to create videos?


Let’s look at some statistics and see for yourself 


74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video

52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI

93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communications

Video in email can boost open rates by 20% and increase click-through rates 2-3X

Using the word “video in email subject lines boosts open rates 19%, click-through rates by 65%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26%

As you can see from the statistics above video marketing is better than other traditional marketing and that is the reason why you should be doing video marketing for your business if you haven’t already started.

The problem many of us face is

How to start video marketing? 

Video creation was a daunting task but now it is not.

Let us look at some of the best video creation softwares, which have been released in the past year.

The first video creation software is my favorite and I use it for my youtube marketing.


Explaindio is an amazing video creation software which has helped me a great deal In creating super quick HD videos for my multiple businesses.

In 2015 Explaindio has released the version 2 which supersedes the version 1 which was launched in 2014.

These guys have impressed me with ton of features and super simple use of the software; it works both on windows and mac. I have installed it on my Mac air and my home windows computer. Works like a charm on both.

Here are some of the Features of Explaindio.

You can create Animation, Doodle Sketch, and motion videos

Dynamic zoom videos

Font Import and International characters

Fully animated moving motion objects

Green screen videos

Filled line text drawing

Dynamic rotation and much more


Who is this for?




Small business

Trainers & educators

Video consultants

Parents – give it to your children

There are also some competitions to Explaindio and they are Videomaker fx and Easysketchpro. If you do not own explaindio, you may check it out here


Initially I purchased Videomaker FX because there was a lot of hype around it and it also looked good on paper so I thought why not give it a try.

I created two videos using video maker FX and I knew that this is not as good as they say. The software had bugs and the export function was messy. Image alignment was also all over the place and it was taking way more time than It should and even then produced mediocre videos for me.

I decided its not for me and refunded the product after trying it for couple of weeks and then I purchased Explaindio and I have been happy as I have created many successful videos without any glitches.

The news about video maker Fx is that they are already developing the second version and I believe it might be better that version 1 with no bugs but that’s future.

I would not recommend the video maker Fx current version.

Easy sketch Pro

Easy sketch pro is doodle creation software – it does good at what it promotes but it is limited in its functions.

We can get the same functions + a whole lot of other professional functions in Explaindio, so why go with a basic option when you can get an affordable professional video creation software like Explaindio.

As you can see from the above three options – Explaindio stands as a winner right now.

Now after getting the Explaindio – the question remains how do I do video marketing?

Lets start the show with how to be a video marketing rockstar!

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a process to market your video in such a way that it reaches its maximum potential and has a impact on the viewers and you get the desired results from it.

Desired Results: Depends on your call to action (CTA) in the video. It can be lead generation, sales, social media sharing, brand building, YouTube channel marketing or anything you want.

Popular example

Apple is the most valued company in the world. It does not need any introduction.

Recently in India, apple decided to release an AD. Apple does not usually does TV ads in India as compared to North America and Europe.

Below is the video from the Apple.

The video is targeting the wedding season in India, which will begin soon, and the world is buying Iphone 6s, apple is still pushing the dead stock of Iphone 6 in India with Easy monthly Installments (EMI)

So similarly with a video you would have to target an audience/specific niche which will be your ideal audience and finally a call to action(CTA) – in the above Iphone ad the CTA was “Buy Iphone 6 with Easy EMI”

You can easily create videos with Explaindio no matter your niche and the CTA is on you what you want your audience to do, if you do this right you have won half the battle.

Lets look at the other crucial part of Video marketing which can make your campaign successful and give an impressive return on investment (ROI)

Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google.

We have to decide now which keywords we are targeting so that we can get more and more views on Youtube.

Keywords are the core ingredient of a video marketing campaign.

Step 1

You decide a niche such as weight loss, forex, muscle building, auto insurance and so on..

After you decide your niche, you then choose the keywords, which come under your niche.

Step 2

Doing keyword research for youtube was very simple, Youtube had its own keyword research tool but now it is not available. So we have to find third party websites to do this task for free.

Below is one of the Free youtube keyword research tools.


This website will give you the auto suggest keywords based on your primary keywords, this is a good way to start your keyword research, you will now have a huge list of keywords which users are known to search on youtube. Make sure to check the video option

Uber suggest

You can check certain metrics here which can be very useful in deciding whether your chosen keywords is gaining popularity or is it declining in the search charts 

Here are some sample graph charts from Google trends


google trends 1  

Google trends 2

By looking at the above charts we know that “cake a bake” is the rising search term, Latvia and other Asian countries are most interested users for this search term and this term does not have any steep decline since 2008 and can be considered as a steady keyword.



youtube trending dashboard

This is a trending dashboard of Youtube where you can see the top 10 most shared videos and most viewed videos in the last 24 hours, it may not be useful for keyword research because most of the videos are by the top brands or they are viral/funny videos.

Step 3

Promoting your video is a skill which you have to acquire if you want to achieve success in video marketing. If you are starting out and are cash strapped, there is a working and successful method with which you can generate thousands of views on your video for free.

Using youtube’s trending dashboard as your first priority,

Part 1:

Start commenting on the 10 ten videos everyday which are displayed in the youtube trending dashboard.

Part 2:

Subscribe to daily vloggers – such as Romanatwood, Dose of Fousey, Vitalyzdtv Second, Ben brown, Casey Neistat and others, comment at least on 40 videos daily which are non-trending but have a regular user base. Make sure to use your channel username when commenting. 

Now the question in your mind is will it work?

Do I have to watch 50 videos everyday..that’s too much time

What will I comment? I am not really good at commenting…

To answer the above three questions, let me share a small case study.

The youtube channel name is “PunchingMan” it was created on 2 July 2015 and at the time of writing which is 17 August – it has accumulated 18, 316 subscribers and has got a whopping 871, 559 views on around 36 short videos.

If you take a look at his videos, you would call them ridiculous and almost made me puke.

So now the question is how come these simple and useless videos got over 800 thousands views within a month’s time.

The Swedish punching man used a very subtle and basic form of advertising.

He manipulates people into liking his comments.


The irony is that his comments on other video’s are also as weird as his videos.

Take a look at one of his comments below

Punching man comment

Punching man full comment

It is also hilarious what comments people have left on his discussion page.

But what the heck… he is getting the desired results.

Imagine what you could do with the same strategy and better videos.. huh?

I absolutely believe that you would be able to build a successful Youtube channel if you can do hard work, spend some time and create quality videos, which are funny or useful.

Here is the premium method which I use for keyword research and distribution

There are not many tools which can be used for video research, I found one which does the job for me.

Lets see what it does.

Below is the basic search form of the web based application.

video researcher one

I have searched for the term “nursery rhymes” 

In the below given snapshot you can see the settings and also the top 2 results which I have captured.

video researcher two

Let me explain what it is displaying. 

The first results is of a video which has 798 million views, which certainly tells us that this keyword/topic is very likely a hit among users and this keyword is doing what everyone of us wants, this video is generating over $1000 per day. This kind of video serves as a recurring income generator, set and forget.

The metrics in the results give us very specific information with which we can determine the keyword success and also competition.

The results display many metrics and here are some of the important metrics, which we will need

Total Number of video views

Views per day

Earnings per day

Engagement per view

A high number of views on videos in results page mean this keyword is good keywords and similarly from the results page you can also check out “most common keywords” to get a list of your primary and secondary keywords and do a better analysis of all the keywords.

There is also a nice feature where you can use the graph search feature of Facebook and check out content related to your keyword, which is being generated on Facebook.

It might look like this.

You can also save your searches for future reference and they will look like this.

There is a very exciting feature of this application which is “Profitable searches” this gives you a list of keywords which has metrics such as

Average views

Google searches

Cost per click (CPC)


Earnings per day

Creation date

You can also sort the results by these metrics, which is a cool feature and will make you a intuitive video marketer after checking these results. You will be able to easily make an educated guess after a point of time telling yourself if a keyword is a profitable keyword or not and you would not have to check the metrics for that.

These kind of tools not only make your vide marketing an easy job but also educate you on what is working well and what is not.

Go check out this video marketing tool

This product suite also has some other applications which can really help get things going fast and test out different strategies when it comes to video marketing.

Another application is a one click video page, which does what it says. Using this application you can easily integrate YouTube videos to a pre-made template(lots of templates provided in the app) you can then download the full template and upload it on any website.

The specialty of this app lies in its super simple effectiveness, you can use the template as a optin page and video sales page. I bet you might have seen the optin pages with only text which can get anywhere between 10-25% email subscription conversion now with video optin pages you can succeed in getting conversion up to 60-70% because video converts better than text.

Here is a snapshot of the templates

Video templates

 Video Hosting:

I find Youtube is one of the best and Free options to host your videos but there are plenty of premium option available in the market for Video hosting. The one which I like is the Pro Version of Vimeo because I can add privacy to the videos. The privacy features are

Add a password to watch the video


video plays on only one specific domain (Domain lock) if you do not have these requirements then go for youtube.  



Let us know in the comments about your Video marketing tools and experience.