Marketers buy expired domains for a reason and this is to give their website a boost by using these expired domains, these kind of domains can be bought from an auction or through other brokers depending on your requirement and pocket. There is also a clever way which many marketers are using now and this is to buy domains which are not in the auctions market yet but has got some good SEO Metrics such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow and what not. The point is it’s now easy to buy domains with good SEO metrics, let me explain you how it is done.


The domains which gets expired and are still not bought by anyone while in registrar’s (pending/delete)process, they are then returned to the marketplace for anyone to buy – so these domains can be bought just like you buy a new domain from Godaddy or name cheap – the difference is a BRAND NEW domain which did not had a buyer previously will not have any SEO metrics whereas a domain which expired and gets back to the marketplace has some/great SEO metrics with which you can do wonders if used properly.


If you are already into SEO, you know the drill and how it works but if you are not in the marketing/SEO industry then it might be confusing.


This post is specifically for people who would want to buy domains with SEO metrics – newbies can also take some notes here and start their testing phase/plan now.


I am attaching a list of available domains – with some good SEO metrics – some of the domains are Brandable and some of the domains do not have any value.


Available Domains List


I believe you will be able to find at least one domain for yourself which you can use for your new website, SEO 301 redirect, Affiliate site or PBN network.


The list has DA/PA metric inserted into the columns although they are not checked for SPAM. I advise you to check the domains for spam and do your due diligence before you buy a domain to use.


If you like the domains list – please let me know in the comments!