Do you know that


63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation


What are you doing for your marketing automation?


Let us dig deeper and find the best tools and strategies for you to implement.


Funnels are like multi-thread pages, which follows a sequence based on user behavior.


If you are into Marketing then you have to know your user behavior in order to get desired Action.


Getting Desired Action from a User is all that you should want and desire from your campaign.


It sounds simple but the world biggest marketing campaigns revolve around successful campaigns.


Here’s what the funnel does for your business




It looks simple, isn’t it?


If you structure a funnel manually, it would be a tough proposition, although some people do it because they got time in their hands.


What if you could automate everything?


Leads, Prospecting and Delivery to your customers.

If you have not automated your leads to customer journey then you are doing a lot of hard work and not Smart work.


The world is Mechanical and automated at the same time.


Just look around.


Bullet Trains


Air Conditioner


Mobile Phones


You name it and I can show you the Automation.


Here is a list of problems Why we don’t automate our marketing


You don’t know the resources


You know but never trust them


You simply procrastinate


You Doubt yourself and the service if it ever will be a success in your instance


There are literally Hundreds and thousands of businessmen and marketers alike who use funnels for their business.


Here are some of the examples of Frank kern and Russell Brunson’s Funnel pages


frank kern funnel


russell brunson funnel


They present a cool image and with an equally enticing page, which can be duplicated via templates given by Clickfunnels.


If you try to imitate them or get it manually done it will cost you hundreds of dollars for every single page.


There is a better way to do it and I will explain how.


There are mainly two competing companies now for “Funnel Creation” One is the old chap Lead Pages and the other one is built by an internet Marketer Russell Brunson which is Click Funnels.


There are tons of features which comes with funnel creations


A/B Testing 


This feature lets you to find which page of your is getting more attention I.E. more clicks.


You create two pages for the same desired action and that is getting leads.

 funnel post 3


As you see from the above picture – after they changed their header and made some changes they witnessed 232% increase in lead generation


With A/B testing you can test these two pages simultaneously


100 people visit your website – 50 will see Page A and the other 50 will see Page B


That’s how you know will page is converting more.


After a month of testing you can definitely come to a conclusion of which page is converting more.


By doing the A/B testing you would generate more profits than by going in with the original one page.


All the big players do it because they know small drops make a bucket.


Small players always try to find the full bucket but are not interested in small drops.


You see my point there


You cannot ignore this because


78% of successful marketers cite marketing automation systems as most responsible for improving revenue contribution.


Lead Procuring Process


Leads can be in the form of Email Address, Physical Address or Telephone Number


You can use Google forms to do that but that is not what you should do


Instead use a Auto – Responder such as Aweber – To automate your Email Marketing and Delivery systems.


You will have tons of options to integrate Aweber with almost all of Marketing Products out there.

Its very famous and works great. I use it and you should too if you are serious about Marketing Automation.


There are also other features that come with Marketing Automation Funnel System




Google hangouts are useful feature to meet and greet people via video. If done effectively it can generate hundreds of loyal followers and customers.


Many are doing it successfully and generating more business than ever.


It can also be used as a teaser episode for your main product or service.


You don’t sell on the Hangout but tease them for another round of webinar to sell them.


It generates interest and you wipe out the non-interested people from your webinar.




Webinars have been proven a money making machine. Literally every marketing campaign involves a webinar, which sells their product or service.


This is how it works


First Step – Lead Magnet (Optin)


Second Step – Delivery via Aweber


Third Step – Email to Attend Webinar – Reminder runs up to a week leading to the webinar Date

Fourth Step – Value Based Webinar + Sales Pitch


The above system is just an example; there can be hundreds of ways to run a webinar Campaign.


You can even set-up pre-recorded webinars so that you don’t have to be on the webinar everytime.


That is why people make money while sleeping.


Now we shall get down to the Bottomline


Sales = Revenue


I am sure you must have seen the long HTML sales pages on the Internet.


Typically weight loss, software or coaching programs.


They take a lot of work and they do not give us the statistics we need to do tweaking.


With the Funnel Automation, everything is just ease


There are tons of Templates that you can integrate on your domain to get that perfect sales page.


Sales Page






Cross Sell


There can be multiple pages in a sales funnel to make it worthwhile for your promotion.


A solution seeker will take all the variations if you take enough time to create the perfect funnel.


Funnels create multiple revenue streams.


Typically with just one product and one single page you would make only X amount of dollars.


But with multiple offers and a funnel you can generate xxx amount of dollars per customer


If you are offering multiple solutions for a problem then your customer will not go to other vendors for answers.


You retain them for long term.


It’s a win:win


If you want to hire commission agent AKA affialites to sell your product or services, it can be done


Yes, you can pay some one to promote your products


You can pay 30-50% of the sale price to your affiliate via marketing automation system


All these and more can be achieved through Click Funnels


Your marketing should be automated via funnels because this is the most effective method of getting new leads.


I highly recommend you to attend this Free Training  to get more information about Marketing automation and funnels.


Let me know in the comments if you are using Marketing Automation or Need more information.


Statistics resourcePhoto credit – lead generation image