I would love to be pumped up every week.


What about you?


The reason we need to stay motivated is to become what we want to become and to achieve greatness and success.


I want to achieve success and live my life with ease and I am sure this will also be one of your goals.


Now the problem that 21st century has created is that we have ton of options to choose from and there are literally hundreds of distractions in our daily life which disrupts our harmony and concentration.


And No doubt we are not like Einstein, He did not had Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook, Game of Thrones, periscope, wolf of wallstreet, Halo, Grand Theft Auto and many such addictive time wasters.


We try a new diet, we fail miserably and then we go to our normal Burger eating, KFC lickin ways.


Want to see what great men like Edison had to say about Failing.


Read This.



In this Age, we have to work even harder to make things work for ourselves, it will not be handed down to you because you are special or you deserve something. I am sorry to burst your bubble but we do not deserve anything in this world.

We should be always Thankful for what we have and Work harder every day to achieve what we want to and then when you are in your 70’s and see your life in the rear view mirror, then you can say that you deserved everything.


Now back to Motivation and How to stay Motivated Every Day


Step 1


If you are not doing Exercise – Start doing it. If you are overweight then start walking and then go for running. But dedicate at least 30 minutes of your morning time for Exercise before your begin putting pressure on your brain.


Step 2


Write a list of things that you would want to do the next morning. Don’t overwhelm yourself by writing things that will take a week to finish. Just carefully write the things that you know will be finished in a day and make sure to finish them no matter how late you go to bed. This will give you a sense of work satisfaction and sub-consiously you will begin to take the list seriously and would want to finish all the TO-DO things.


Step 3


Brain Exercise: we do physical exercise in order to maintain good health and to keep our body in shape similarly we also have to train our brain to work as we want it to be – we need to give our brain breadcrumbs to follow our path and not go stray.

Don't expect others to plan your future. - Imgur

Meditate: Meditation can be done in different ways, the one, which has helped me, is The Silva Mind Control Method, this book has helped in shaping my thoughts and now I enjoy my daily meditation. You can always try other methods but doing is important rather that analyzing which method works best and how to start.


Self – Suggestion: Record an Audio – stating what you want to achieve.

body achieves what mind believes


Example: I would like to earn $50,000 by 25 December 2015 and I would also like to maintain healthy relationship with everyone.


You can have different variations on the recording and play it on your phone while you are driving or riding on a train. Put that on Auto-play so that your brain gets breadcrumbs of what you really want. You are listening to it in your voice and also thinking about it while listening.


It will be really helpful.

Step 4


Books are always a good idea whenever you find yourself struck. You may want to check out a book called “ The Secret” it tells you about a method called “Law of Attraction” and how this powerful method has changed the lives of hundreds and thousands of people across the world. This has an ardent following and this can be very helpful guide in down times to bounce back.


Step 5


Share your goals, There is a very powerful harmony when you share your goals with your other half, because now both the parties know what they are trying to achieve and will help each other in doing that. It also takes away the pressure of doing everything alone. If you are single make sure you share your life goals and plans with your friends so that when you in self-doubt they can help you bounce back and realize that you have the ability to do it.


Step 6


Do Not waste time in over analyzing, it is better to face consequences than to waste time over it.


Step 7


You have to know that you will not win every fight, remember you are in for the long haul, you will win the war if you start today, not tomorrow and not day after tomorrow.


Step 8


Don’t beat up yourself, live your life. Enjoy little moments and keep learning. Watch videos like this


Step 9


After you find yourself in the rhythm and everything is working in harmony then you just Rinse and Repeat.


Step 10


Give others what you have learnt. It can be your neighbors kid, your colleague, your niece or a stranger you met online.


Let me know in the comments How do you stay motivated every day.



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