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How does Shopify Work as an e-commerce Platform

Wajahath Ali,

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How Does Shopify Work

Shopify is a top notch ecommerce solution that helps you in establishing an online ecommerce store.

By having an online store, you can generate your sales and build your own online ecommerce empire.

With just several clicks, you can organize your goods. Additionally, Shopify has enabled the online retailers to completely customize their online store.

Shopify has also played a crucial role in making it easy for anyone to build their online ecommerce empire with their automated system.

Tracking and responding to the placed orders is as easy as 1-2-3.

From shopping to payments, Shopify is regarded as the one-stop solution for any ecommerce operation.

Here are some of the points that makes Shopify a great option to start your ecommerce empire:

Increased Sales


Shopify has numerous built-in features to enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

With Shopify, developers are able to offer personalized products.

As such, the audience will easily find what they were looking for.

So, they will always come back to purchase your products.

This way, the platform brings about increase in sales and revenue.

Shopify provides the user with a code to embed on their websites if they want to sell their products from the platform.

By using this code, it allows you to showcase your products in whichever way you want.

Embed shopping cart is another feature of shopify.

Just like shopping carts in other online stores, it ensures secure shopping for all of your customers.

As it is integrated with your brand, so you will have full control on it. With a few clicks, you can customize colors and style to suit your business needs.

Shopify is the name of the game when you want to build your eCommerce store.

Easy Management


Whenever a new sale comes in, you will get a notification either through app notification or email. You can manage the orders in few seconds.

The “buy” call-to-action buttons also works efficiently.

With just a click, customers can place multiple orders at once.

With Numerous built-in features, your brand can gain presence everywhere on the web.

Creating a unified platform to display products to your audience has now become easy with this software.

“Use Shopify as a tool to empower your online eCommerce store, Don’t over analyze and loose time”

Here are some advantages of using Shopify;


  • Customers can add and remove the products with ease and purchase the orders in just one step.


  • Sellers can easily add new channels of sales, and keep a record of their sales.


  • Sellers can also manage the inventory and thousands of displayed products easily.


  • With Shopify, you can easily track your growth/sales trends.

Best Shopify Stores


This company manufactures problem-solving toys. By using Shopify, it has generated $300k monthly.

Shopify has opened opportunities for this company to make big profits from its collection of unique toys and books.

Since using Shopify, Debbie Sterling was able to hit her target audience. She reached her audience by getting them emotionally involved in her story.

She uploaded a video conveying her pre-purchase message with the help of Shopify. It indeed played a great role in boosting the sales.


Jeff Sheldon, the owner of the company, first started it as a side project.

After using Shopify, it began to deliver thousands of products to approximately 60 countries across the globe.

Now, its shirts have gained worldwide popularity. You can easily spot it over television.


Herschel is also a renowned Shopify store. They have used Shopify on their online store to the full. More people started to come to their online and offline stores.

They tag a piece of content with their displayed products. They do so in order to share their inspirations with public. For that, they start to publish journals twice a year.

Cormack brothers, co-founder of the company, has earned near about 500 investors till date. They aim to boost their revenue to 5x by the end of 2020.

Ring to Perfection

Within few hours of using Shopify, Ring to Perfection have hit its first sale. Now, it is making a sale of $100k almost in every month.

The founder, Jiri, says that it may be tough to increase the sales, but if you have patience, then you can surely achieve success.

Master and Dynamic

Master and Dynamic is well-known for selling quality headphones. With the help of Shopify, they have been able to contribute $1 billion in the total revenue generated by selling headphones.

Little Sparrow Tea

Adrian Lee of Little Sparrow Tea accepted that they have become successful due to the ease of using Shopify.

Canadian Icons

This 8 months old company has sold an apparel that soon gained popularity in all Canadian streets. Using Shopify has helped its owners to understand their audience in a better way.

By tracking the purchasing time and date, the retailers have come to know how to increase their sales. This tracking also enables them to know which of their products are more popular among the customers.

After tracking, they understood that their jackets are getting more sales. Geographic specific experience feature of Shopify has enabled them to increase their jacket sales.

Customization can really work wonders for your Shopify store


This eCommerce solution has helped DodoCase by creating sales loops for it. Undoubtedly, it is a great shopping tactic.

Accordingly, their customers will get a coupon as soon as they complete the purchase. Any of their friends can use the coupon to buy products from their site.

CEO of the company, Craig Dalton, believes that customer referrals are significant for expanding businesses. RJ metrics have proved that repeat purchases can increase the sales by 43%.

They are just paying for getting one customer. But, due to the coupon feature of Shopify, they are getting a lot more.

You can also drive in limitless traffic to your website by using this amazing product. It is very easy to use and can give you unthinkable profits by making huge sales.

Some of the apps of Shopify are free whereas some are not. Its use will enable you to gain a strong foothold on different areas of promoting your Shopify store

Not all the shopping platforms can carry out a shopping process flawlessly. But, for Shopify, it is just easy and straightforward. It creates flexibility for your brand.

Their in-house business developers give all their efforts in designing new features for the application. By effectively using these apps, the entrepreneurs can make considerable profits.

There are many ways to start your own eCommerce store but Shopify stands out as one of the best eCommerce platforms which helps individuals and companies no matter how big or small they are.
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