People spend money for a reason, We all want to fulfill our desires. We want to buy luxury or we want to get satisfied results if we spend money on something exception being charity or unemployed friends 😉

Recently I came across a Google adwords AD unit which was so naive that I could not believe my eyes.

This is supposed to be a web designing company and mind you it is a web designing company.

Their website is not as bad as their ad unit.

I looked at this site some time ago and thought may be… someone is testing but then I thought



how can someone be testing such a bad AD copy.

Just look at other ads and although they are from different industries.

They are so enticing and giving so much information in the same 3 lines that this web design company had got.

How hard it is to research similar ad units on Google.

So i was again on gmail yesterday and i found the same AD

Take a look

Hopeless ad on adwords

Now I know that this web design company really needs professional help.

It is sad to see companies wasting so much money on different advertisement platforms such as adwords without realizing that “they are selling prescription glasses to blind people”

Weird metaphor… isn’t it?

But by now you should get the point or else I will throw another weird metaphor in the next post.

This is the kind of an advertisement where people look at the ad and think how unprofessional and dumb this company must be to put such a AD copy.

It gives no value, poorly written, no message, no call to action, no benefit…

the viewer is gone….. poof

Don’t be so careless

Get professional help or at least follow adwords basic guide to build ad units.