Right after the World Domain Day 2014, DomainX was on 7 September at Marriott Hyderabad. This event was for Domain Investors and professionals in Domain Industry. There were many talks by Experts in this conference and also virtual Skype calls as well. This was a wonderful event which had many guests many of them were promoting their TLD’s such .club and such.

The lunch at this event was great and it also had some performers dancing to Bollywood Item songs.

I had fun at this event and also realised that each of the guest were blowing their own trumpet.

In Conclusion, I got to know that .com domains are still king when investing in it although the investment could be high as well as margins when compared to other TLD’s and in other TLD’s we need to do more research to how the domain makes sense such as Titanium.club – this kind of domain will be very useful for clubs and credit card companies.

I found the selling of domains to be very tricky because you cannot do it like a part time job – off course you will be lucky for a couple of transactions but if you have a portfolio of domains under your belt then you have to be very aggressive in selling/brokering them.

Buying a domain(s) is very easy – researching the perfect domain is also easy – Getting the right kind of domain is tough but selling any domain for a premium price is very tough unless you have LL or LLL.com

So go with caution and if you are really interested in being a Domineer then think of it as full time job rather than just doing it part time.